• Retail

    main_thum06Retail facilities such as shops, malls, supermarkets, jewellery stores, and department stores.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing facilities producing goods
    such as chemicals, steels, automobiles, and

  • Commercial

    main_thum08Commercial buildings comprising offices,
    hotels and restaurants.

  • Financial

    Financial institutes such as banks, stock exchanges and bureau de change.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare facilities such as hospitals,
    clinics and pharmacies.

  • Education

    Education facilities such as university campuses, colleges and schools.

Stay Connected Anywhere With Any Device

Empower your security personnel and give them a security system that connects any smartphone, tablet or computer to the Saviours surveillance network. This innovation allows users to view, share videos and photos as events unfold in real time. Imagine the ability to view the captured incident with a device that is readily available and familiar to a user. Every cell phone, computer or tv monitor can be used as a surveillance device.


Take Immediate Action

The real beauty of saviours security system is ‘You Get Alerts’ in case of Theft, Fire, Gas Leakages & other Emergencies and ‘You Can Take Immediate Action’ to prevent these incidents’.

The Saviour IoTV surveillance platform allows users to store video in its fast, secure, and double-redundant global cloud, locally on a Network Video Recorder, or as a hybrid option utilizing the flexibility of both.

What Saviour can deliver:

Crystal clear full HD images, without any frame-loss, for live monitoring and recording. A trouble-free wireless solution experience with our pioneering cloud based wireless technology.

Saviours Cloud Video Surveillance Platform enables our clients to unlock all the tools of a modern enterprise video surveillance platform without spending large sums of money, investing in wired infrastructure and hiring dedicated staff. Saviour surveillance & security solutions are simple and intuitive. Since our solutions are cloud-based, You’re no longer tied to a single workstation or control room.